Episode 96 – Convention Spotlight Extravaganza

Big episode this week with multiple guests! Conventions can be the life blood of the balloon community, and there are so many to choose from. We’ve featured several here in the past. Today’s episode is a collection of shorter interviews with organizers and instructors for events you may not know about yet, but you should.

In the intro I mentioned the very imminent event at the end of this month, the Jam to honor Marvin and Penny Hardy – April 29-May 1,  Balloon Jam Utah

First up on the show is the American Clown Academy in Georgia, a week long intensive performance workshop put on at a summer camp. Lee Andrews is a full time traveling performer who brings together absolutely top shelf performing coaches for an event that really stands apart in the convention world. Check out the official website right here. Also see them on Facebook.


Next up is the Blackpool Balloon Bash with our old friend Daniel Jefferson.

They have a facebook group here.


Our friend Pookie Foster is teaching at a couple upcoming conventions.

Check her out at FABAIC



Also see Pookie at the Austin Convention for Entertainers


And what would a convention round up be without a party in Vegas?

Official Site of the Bling Bling Jam

Facebook page here





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