Episode 88 – Chrystal Crain of AEBA

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. The show is back, with possibly our first call to action. Worldwide, bans on balloon releases are starting to become total balloon bans. How can and should our industry reply? A very informed and helpful guest is in the Jam room today, Chrystal Crain of All American Balloons in Texas.

The AEBA Facebook group is the place to start for US artists.

On the show we discussed the problem with misunderstandings that lead to blanket bans. Chrystal mentioned an advocacy group that has sample ban petitions for use with municapalities. It is telling that the reference to balloons pops up on the page for single use plastic waste. I personally think the organization here seems like a usually reasonable and well-intentioned resource, but they have this one wrong.


In other cheerier news…

New logos for myself and Olivia


Otakon 2018 – How did we do?

And what would summer be without visiting another awesome balloon artist?



3 thoughts on “Episode 88 – Chrystal Crain of AEBA

  1. Great show.. good questions about helium availability..I started in decor and did not want to give up doing balloons, so reinvented myself and learned how to twist. It is getting more difficult to get helium everyday. It is difficult educating our customers about air-filled decor, twisted figures, and balloon releases. There are still those folks that just want what they want, and do not see the benefits of air filled decor.
    All we can do is our best to educate everyone around us. Thanks again…


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