Episode 86 – Dennis Scott

What can’t Dennis Scott do? He’s been Top Twister at T&S, he’s led a team at World Balloon, he’s taught for Qualatex, and now he’s a serious decorator too. This is a long-overdue conversation in the Jam Room. The intro is all about Twist and Shout, and I do have to address one bit of unpleasantness, not about the event itself, but some folks’ behavior that affected others. It’s something I was asked to address, so I do.

But the overwhelming majority of experiences at convention are positive, and we talk a lot about convention life in this interview and make a pitch for why all you folks who just can’t bring yourself to ever visit somewhere cold should definitely come to T&S2019!





One thought on “Episode 86 – Dennis Scott

  1. Thanks for touching on your less than perfect Twist and Shout performance. As someone who performs on a nearly daily basis for a living, it takes a lot of guts to get in front of an audience, and even more guts to perform in front of your friends, family and peers. Not every performance goes as we hope, and the best we can do is accept our failures, and try again another day.

    As far as the topic that someone would insist on interacting with someone else at T&S because “we’re all family here” – I’m not sure what family this person belongs to, but in my family, we treat each other with respect and consideration. If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, then you respect that person’s decision and keep your distance.


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