Episode 73 – Marvelous Marc Feickert Deconstructs Balloons



Marvelous Marc is building a great reputation in “The Springs” as the go-to artist for balloons. How do you you go from “balloon guy” to “I want AAA Balloons?” It takes time, but persistence and being a helpful person cannot be over rated. We also talk about Marc’s background in linguistics and problem solving, and how they apply to his balloon business. I am also glad to know a guy so complex that I can legit choose the vastly different intro and outtro music that I did for this episode. Check out what Marvelous Marc is up to at his website.

In the intro, I go full steam into a controversial topic that may not endear me to all industry insider listeners. But I don’t think extremes work  out for the most part in life, and I see some of us getting extreme with an “anything goes” attitude when fighting the opposite extremism.


One thought on “Episode 73 – Marvelous Marc Feickert Deconstructs Balloons

  1. I dare say that if someone is less than endeared to you for your words, Andy, then they were not listening properly. You were straightforward, frank, and gave fact without being confrontational. Bravo on your pre-interview topic.


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