Episode 68 – ABC Balloon Book Creator Steven Mayhew

Have you ever taken an insanely long time to design a sculpture? Or to set up a photo of a balloon to get it just right? Now do that again and again for 4 years, and you’ll understand the work that went into the ABC Balloon book by Steven Mayhew.

Based in Los Angeles, Steven has worked in the balloon industry for years in a number of capacities. Find out more about him and ordering his book at The Balloon Workshop.




In Air Weaver news, we finally uploaded our Hamilton stage show, warts and all – subtitles added because we need them.


And finally, the discussion I had in the intro – check this out if for no other reason to see the original short film that Tig Notaro did. Even if you don’t care about the dispute over whether Louis CK ripped her off, the original work is good enough to warrant your time.

Article from Vulture.

CLOWN SERVICE from Tig Notaro on Vimeo.


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