Episode 65 – Pookify Your Life! With Lindsey Foster

Lindsey Foster is with us in the Jam Room to talk all about multiple services for parties. She’s also getting very busy as an instructor. Her new face drawing tutorial “Purty Faces” will be available shortly on The Twisters Cookbook site. Hit her up directly if you’re impatient. Also check out her collaboration where she Pookifies! Dan Staples’ work.


You can find her website at Party With Pookie and of course, find her on Facebook. Instagram: lindsey_pookie_foster


Catch Lindsey as an instructor at one of these upcoming conventions.

Kapital Kidvention West (Vegas)  Aug 22-24 2017

ACE Austin Convention for Entertainers. Sept 25-28 2017

FPBA in St Louis, MO  Nov 13-18 2017

Kapital Kidvention DC  Feb 16-18 2018


I mentioned Pookie’s design in BTC. Here’s her Poppy, then my copy I made for the girl mentioned in the intro to this show.

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