Episode 64 – Dustin Queary

Jam Room 64 is not for the faint of heart. Dustin Queary is a passionate guy, and we delve into some topics that don’t get talked about much. Group builds for competition at Twist and Shout, pushy parents at line work events, and defending balloon art as art with more than words. It’s a heck of a show, and I’m glad you’re here for it.

Dustin is currently teaming up with JJ Szabo for a large balloon build to support the work of the 501st. You can read all about the event here.

Click to donate here.

Dustin made waves early on at Diamond Jam 2008 – check out this video of the amazing stilt costume of a transformer.


This was followed up by a Godzilla costume, then the huge X-Wing sculpture, and eventually the How to Train Your Dragon large piece that was the deciding factor in his Top Twister 2015 win.

To buy Dustin’s DVDs, contact him directly at info@AdventureInFun.com – If you’re a download type, his downloads are available at Holly Hopper’s Twisted Sisters site.

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