Episode 63 – The Saari Siblings of SoCal

More new friends from Twist and Shout join us in the jam room as the dynamic duo of Darren and Anza Saari recap their first T&S. But they are no strangers to the convention scene, or the rich world of SoCal twisters that I always envy. With an entrepreneurial family business background, they are ready to build their business at an age when most of their peers are still changing majors.

Find them on Facebook at Talented Twisters.

In this episode, I mention my weekend of putting on my own show for promotional usage. One of my friends whose kids are big fans brought me this homemade gift – (She also helped me produce the vinyl logo on the piece behind it.)

After you’ve made sure to subscribe to the best youtube channels like Balloon Blast and Twist and Shout TV, why not get me into double digits and subscribe to Air Weaver Balloons on youtube? I just posted this video (courtesy of Sam Cremeens) of the kids in the Costume Contest.


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