Special Episode – Tribute to Royal Sorell

The Jam Room Podcast is using this space in media to pay tribute to the late great Royal Sorell. Of course it would be impossible to gather everyone’s tribute, as so many have offered condolences through social media. In this episode, we check in with Arizona Rick, Rob Balchunas, Tris Burkholder, Phileas Flash, Jeffrey Hayes, Jimmy Leo, Larry Moss, Tony Twist, Guido Verhoef, Andrew Weaver (myself), Eric Weinstein, and Kristal Yee.

One thought on “Special Episode – Tribute to Royal Sorell

  1. Thanks for hosting this Andrew.
    At T&S 2016 Dallas (my third) I was fortunate enough to take Royal’s Master Class.You could see his mind working to find the next best piece of information or advice to give you at that moment in his build. Something would spark a thought about a build he was showing us and he would follow that process through until he was inspired to take us through two or five other possibilities for another version of the whole build or an accessory to apply or enhance the image.
    I met him in the Vendor’s Room later and was making a purchase that I had pre-ordered with Angel Bravo. Royal spotted the balloon transporter bags I had ordered and got excited. Did you buy those? Then Royal gave me a routine to use with a disappearing act where a small child could tuck in at the end of the bag and hide from the audience. The bags had stirred a release of information that he just had to give me. I was appreciative and surprised by the gift he gave me and when Royal had finish he said “Well that’s about all I’ve got to say about that. Have fun!”
    Thank you Royal


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