Episode 43 – Eric Weinstein

His designs are top shelf, and his energy is infectious. Eric Weinstein got into balloons by asking a friend to teach him. Now he’s an award-winning staple of conventions, and a creator of some super instructional material you need to see.

We get into some great conversation about how balloon art is like all art: it must connect. We talk about the appropriate use of glue, the fun and stress of convention competition, and tips for how to plan a competition piece. This is another longer show, but it is no-fluff. We’re into the stuff that counts.

Eric’s materials can be found at his website. The latest product is Little Sweet Cheeks, and it is fantastic!

I need to give a big shout out to fellow podcaster Zivi Kivi this week. He clearly listens to the show, because he messaged me right after last week’s release. I had mentioned my frustration with only having 10 episodes in iTunes at a time. He set me straight on my syndication settings, and bazinga! Just like that, all Jam Room Episodes are now available through the iTunes feed. So check out those back episodes at your convenience. Ziv has just started releasing another set of podcasts. Season Two of Balloon Artist Podcast is coming out on iTunes. Check it out!

And finally in notes, I am just so thrilled about my kids doing a gig on their own that I had to post a picture my sister-in-law took.


One thought on “Episode 43 – Eric Weinstein

  1. Great show!

    By some strange coincidence I was making a Ken Stillman superhero as you mentioned his DVD – and I agree 100%, it is a must have.

    Eric is a superstar, his designs are some of my favorite go-to designs, his chubby cheeks from the earlier PDFs and these Sweet Cheeks create a lot of “awwwwwwwwww!!” love.


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