Episode 36 -DVD Master Steven Jones

If you haven’t come across the name “Aeradeco Video” yet, you’ve been under a rock. A stalwart of balloon education for 10 years, Steven Jones has a catalog of material available that is unparalleled. Now found at BalloonDVDs.com, there is still new material coming out all the time for both the twister and the decorator.

This is a long show, but it’s not fluff. We get into a lot of big questions, including some things that are often left unspoken. The video education market has been through some big changes, not the least of which is a shift in attitudes from end consumers about what they should get for free.

Listen in for a frank discussion about what Steve has seen in our industry, and how he sees it going forward.

Right now, you have the chance to support the Balloon Professionals Magazine project and see that it gets off the ground. But this is time sensitive as it is a Kickstarter. Don’t delay, go here now.

Float Convention info for 2017


2 thoughts on “Episode 36 -DVD Master Steven Jones

  1. Thanks to you both for all that wonderful insight & information. It was a great morning listening & learning.


  2. Just listened to this podcast, October 12th, and I have to thank you for taking me out from under a rock! I’ve been twisting for about 5 years, have been in balloon decor for the last two, subscribe to a multitude of twisters and decorators Youtube channels, own at least 20 DVD & “downloadables” from various artists, I am registered for Float 2017, I’m a member of too many Facebook twister & decorator pages yet I had never heard of aeradeco or balloondvds.com. How does that happen?


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