Episode 34 – Never Mellow, Always Yellow, It’s Christopher Lyle

Ever hear this? “You’ll never be taken seriously.” Christopher Lyle has a great outlook for such a critique. A full-time performer who started his career before he was 10, Lyle has a perspective and approach that comes from years of real-world experience. Like many jam rooms, we talk about the differences between the magic and balloon worlds, the dangers of unqualified performers, and well, some things that defy description.

Christopher’s guide to a totally different approach to restaurant work is available on his website Sleightly Delusional, and he does performer coaching via skype.

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Air Saber is underway. It will only launch if it gets full funding by April 14 2016. It is currently over 60% which is a good sign. Check it out and please spread the word.




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