Episode 25 – Scott Tripp

I am glad to release a supersized boatload of awesomeness. You don’t have to listen to it all at once. We won’t check. But this is a lot of show. You’re welcome. 😉

Scott Tripp is a artist’s artist, a thinker, an experimenter. He is currently a collaborator on the Balloon Blast show, which isn’t just your average youtube instruction. Scott also produced Latex Soup, a Zine for balloon artists, he has made balloons in his basement, he’s had special prints made, he’s done it all really.

And, he’s a fulltime working professional entertainer, with skills in magic and juggling as well. He’s the total package, the triple threat. And I couldn’t get enough of his insights into balloon art.

So here it is. The two hour jam room show that should probably be broken into segments, but you can do that on your own time. There are great bits of wisdom and thought provoking ideas throughout.

Here’s Scott’s Facebook page – toss him a like if you can.

Among the many influences we discussed, a special shout out to Scot Nery. Google him and see what he does with pancakes.

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