Episode 22 – Buster Balloon

When you hit 22 in blackjack, you go bust. In the jam room, hitting 22 means going Buster! And that’s a good thing. We have about an hour with one of the absolute greats in this industry, a legend who’s still working and producing all the time.

Buster is a top designer whose DVDs have helped many of us kickstart our twisting careers. He still produces videos, the most current being offered at http://www.balloon-animals.com

Everything Buster is on his website of course.

A direct link to his Kickstarter.

Buster is not just a top designer, he is a giant in the industry for a reason. He constatly thinks about entertaining, designing, comedy, anything that goes into the profession. In this conversation, he offers a very thoughtful explanation of how balloon art is in itself, magical.

In other news, the Jam Room will be continuing as a solo effort for the foreseeable future. Tristen is so busy with career and geographic transitions right now, she’s going on extended hiatus. We don’t know for how long as of yet. Andy hopes to get a guest co-host here and there while she is away.

The aforementioned photo of my daughter Olivia at her first ever convention, meeting the big guy.

So excited, she lost a tooth!


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