Episode 3 – Matt Falloon and his Trained Balloons

We travel all the way to Australia to talk with top shelf performer and innovator Matt Falloon. Matt is another magician-turned-balloonist, and focuses on the SHOW aspect of Balloons.

Some random topics we promised for the notes:

Sotto Voce – here is Matt’s favorite example.


The Worst party clown ever, told by Patton Oswalt, on the Conan O’Brien show.

Matt’s many products available for balloon twisters – click the photos to go to links.

Note: Continental sales requires the establishment of an account for new customers.

As of this publishing date (April 20 2015) the innovative PICO DVD is available for pre-order in the US through Continental Sales. The preorder includes a supply of clips.


















Continental sales also carries Matt’s bayonet cuttertuxedo quicklinks and modd boddz rounds.

Many downloads also available at Balloon-animals.com – I recommend the Pizza Planet Alien.

If you are in Australia, check out Matt’s balloon rolls at Jay Jay the Balloon Guy’s store. Jay Jay also will carry the Picos DVD.

And finally, the list of Hilarious Aussie movies you need to see.

You can’t stop the murders
The Castle
Hercules returns
A hundred bloody acres

Show correction: Superfuzz was not filmed in Australia.

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