Welcome to the Jam Room!

The Jam Room Podcast is a joint venture between Tristen of Trist’n’Shout Balloons, and Andy of Air Weaver Balloons.

We will be interviewing movers and shakers, possibly even candlestick makers, from within the ranks of the wild world of balloon twisting. (OK, wild may be pushing it. The world of balloon twisting, which may or may not be considered wild, depending on your perspective and tolerance for wild things.)

In episode one of the Jam Room Podcast, we introduce ourselves and talk about our starts in the balloon world. Everyone started somewhere, and these are our origin stories.


On the left is one of Andy’s first multi-balloon projects (late 2009): an attempt at a basket that just became a hot mess of a hat for toddler Jack. (Oh the tragedy of a budding artist using jewel tones.) On the right was his most recent large project, a surprise gift for his father’s 70th birthday. This is in his actual barber shop. (March 2015)

SONY DSCin shop logo

Tristen was 10 years old when she started twisting.



In the words of Virginia Slim – You’ve come a long way baby!

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